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 National Association of Rocketry: Section 308

Bring'em, Fly'em, at Gunter this Saturday!

Aug-19 Launch, models and High Power A-OK.

However, watch for updates, Gunter has had 5+ inches of rain, so far.! Let's not get stuck out there.

updated: Wednesday 2017-08-166 9:00pm

##: Upcoming DARS Launch activity:

Next Monthly Modroc Launch
Scheduled for Sat.Aug.19
at our Gunter Launch Site.
Let's start and end early! 9am to 3pm

##: Next High-Power Launch

We'll fly Hi-Power at Gunter on Sat. Aug-19
Plan to stay under 3K AGL and K motors

But, it may be HOT!
We will start and end an hour earlier. 9am to 3pm

##: Next business meeting:

will be Sat.Sep.02 at the
Coppell Family YMCA   starting about 1:00 pm.
The meeting will be in the Teen-Center downstairs
Bring rockets to build, show, talk about, trade or sell...

##: For updates and DARS news:

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We are one of the largest, and the oldest Texas chapter, of the NAR (National Association of Rocketry.) Operating since 1972, we have been promoting sport and hobby rocketry throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex nonstop for over 40 years. While launching/flying rockets is our primary activity, our presence also reaches out into the community in other ways.

Our outreach programs work with the Scouts, YMCA, 4H, as well as many local schools and educators, to encourage the next generation of Texans to pursue their interest in science, math, aerospace or engineering. And, kids always fly free!

The general public is always welcome to attend any of our launches, bring your rockets and join in the fun. Our members will help you fly everything, from the smaller Estes and Quest model rockets up to custom built high-power rockets reaching altitudes in excess of a mile.

So if you're interested in rocketry, contact us and we'll be happy to introduce you to the hobby.
Or check out our calendar and stop by the next event.

The picture above is of a scale model Saturn-V vehicle from the Apollo missions. Flown by Warren Benson (of Houston) at a DARS launch, the kit is from Apogee Rockets and is 1/70 scale. It flew successfully on the core Aerotech G-64 motor (even though the four outboard Estes E-9 motors failed to ignite.)