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    Driving directions: South and East from Dallas.

Driving directions: Head south from Dallas or Fort Worth.

 [1] Use either I-35 south to get to Hillsboro,
              continue south on I-35 to Bellmead (~27mi)
 [2] Look for eastbound hw-84, take exit-338A
              go left under I-35, head east on hw-84.
 [3] Hw-84 intersects with loop-340 (about 1.4mi.)
              continue hw-84 east to split with tx-31 (~4mi.)
 [4] Continue Hw-84 east to Prairie Hill(~14mi.)
              Dont'blink, look for the Dragway sign.
 [5] Take fm-339 right, south from Prairie Hill.
              the dragway is on the right about 0.9 miles.

   If on hw-84 you get to fm-1245 (toward Groesbeck)
              you are too far east, turn around!